Composite Fencing in Portland, OR

Transform your property and enjoy added privacy with the solutions available from Timber Deck and Fencing. At our local fence design company in Portland, OR, we provide a series of options for beautiful composite fencing. Whether you are looking for a new cedar fence or you require a repair for your existing setup, we have you covered with our services. Count on us to deliver quality service to your home. Request an estimate to get started on your project today.


Beautiful New Fencing

Adding curb appeal to your property is as easy as choosing the right details. While many homeowners install composite fencing for the security benefits, these features can also tie your yard together. Available in different colors and styles, our fences allow you to add a fresh style to yards of any size.


Enhance Security and Privacy with a Wood Fence

You deserve to come home to a residence where you feel safe. Instead of letting the neighbors and passing drivers see everything you do on your property, turn to us for a secure addition. From enjoying dinner with your family on the patio to spending your weekends sunbathing in the yard, our custom fences in Portland, OR, are designed to keep prying eyes off of your favorite outdoor activities.

By installing a wood fence on your property, you can increase the amount of privacy you enjoy. New fences not only deter trespassers from entering the property, but they can also keep unwanted stray animals and other types of wildlife out of your yard.  You will be free to relax and unwind without stressing over who can see your home.


A Custom Fence Solution

Every home is different. When you are ready to install a new wood fence on your property, don’t settle for the same old look that you’ve seen on every house on the block. Our fencing contractors in Portland, OR, are available to help you design a custom fence that brings your ideas to life. Fences can also be fitted with custom gates to add an extra level of security to the area.

From the materials you choose to the exact specifications, we are here to assist you with every detail of your custom fencing. We have the expertise, knowledge, and tools to deliver a quality result to every project.

Contact us in Portland, Oregon, to install custom fencing at your location. We offer a series of services for customers throughout the area.